Stardew Valley an upcoming open-ended country-life RPG!


If you have played and loved the first Harvest Moon back in the day this game might be just what you have been waiting for. Stardew Valley is an upcoming open-ended country-life RPG inspired by the Harvest Moon franchise and it comes with a co-op feature. You can play with up to 4-friends and build your farm, raise livestock, dig up artifacts for rewards and money, fight monsters, scavenge and mine in the uniquely generated cavern near the village or simply kick back and relax by fishing at the docks.

The whole art of the game is reminiscent of 90s RPG games. The detailed and with love crafted world of Stardew Valley brings a whole serving of nostalgia feeling with it. But take a look for yourself:

The main story line ranks around the inflentual Joja Corporation which has driven the local community center into disrepair and the little shops and markets to the brink of closing by opening a supermarket chain in the village. While some villagers long for the past when the little shops and community feeling flourished others welcome the modern and convenient ways of the JojaMart. Depending on your actions and if you decide to repair or demolish the community center the little stores and unity feeling of the village will return to former glory or the greedy Joja Corporation will succeed.

Besides the Joja storyline you can choose to craft your own personal story by finding your luck in love. In line with the Harvest Moon series you will be able to marry and have children. You can choose to pursue and eventually marry one of 10 bachelors but unlike in Harvest Moon your spouse will be able to work and help you out with the farm. If none of the available bachelors are to your liking you can also wed one of your co-op players, which is a nice feature for gaming couples.


You can also level in 6 different skills : fishing, luck, digging, farming, foraging, and mining. While honing your skills new crafting and cooking recipes will become available as well as new areas to explore. Some things you cook can grant you bonuses for fighting, speed or crafting skills.

The house and your character will be customizable. Choose your gender, hairstyle, skin and eye color as well as your clothing out of prexisting choices to create your alter ego in game. You can also craft furniture, décor and buy new wallpapers and floors to give your home your personal unique touch.

The astonishing thing is this ambitious project is developed by one single indie developer, Eric Barone aka Concerned Ape. His motivation to create Stardew Valley came from the simple wish to see more features in Harvest Moon, so he set out to create the game with the things he felt missing.
And from what we can see this looks pretty good.

Stardew Valley will be published by the indie game studio Chucklefish which is best known for their widely succesful game Starbound. Unfortunately there has been no release date set until today, but it will eventually be available for the Pc via Steam and


Cheese and crackers! I am telling you as soon as this game is out I am probably not going to do much else anymore. Check back in with us when the game has been released because we will feature a full review and tell you if it is worth your money.

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