Real life Minecraft Hills in Italy


Recently I have visited the beautiful village Corniglia in Italy. Corniglia belongs to the Cinque Terre region in toscany and is surrounded by beautiful mountains covered with grapevine. But my First idea was „Wow, that cubic looking Hills really look like Minecraft“. And for me it does look like a real life Minecraft Hill!

I catched myself trying to hit a tree for wood logs and also the need to create a house before it gets dark. Also I spotted a small shack in the Hill which looked like the entrance to a mine.

They also have rail-carts for the harvest as you can see on the right side of the picture! Well it could be just me but I really found a similarity here.


Anyway the tuscany is a beautiful area and if you get there just mark my words look at the mountains and hear the Piano sounds of minecraft 😉

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