Pornographic Occulus Rift Games incoming! [NSFW]


After seeing what this Japanese guy who name himself Ryuto created in his free time its just a matter of time now before we see a lot of pornographic Occulus Rift games rolling in.

As you can see he used a.. well a nice mousepad to create his touch simluator. But if you think a step further and combine it with the invention of this company who created a resistance glove ( which looks kinda creepy). Well just think about what you can „emulate“ and touch with this.

So now when you can touch something with your Hand and fingertips, look at everything in 3D Room its not hard so see where this could go. I left out other systems for „lower“ bodyparts which are surely in Development somewhere… in a far away eastern country *cough* *cough*

Well the question is now is this not ok to develop erotic or pornographic stuff for Occulus? Its just sexuality and maybe combined in a romance setting like in Dragon Age it could increase a game experience dramatically!

The next thought is a.. well a multiplayer mode 😀

But I’m not the one who will make this decision the market will! If you can buy games/simlulators with Virtual Reality equipment  a lot of sex dolls are becoming unemployed or… will be improved…

What do you think about all of this? Or with the words of my favourite now retired Youtuber Ray William Johnson „leave your comment in the section below“.


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